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No matter how good your product or service is, or how active your organization is in supporting your community, you cannot succeed unless the public knows who you are and what you do.

Effective public relations are a vital component in any successful organization, making the public aware of you and keeping your name in mind.

It is important when you have something positive to say, and is especially critical when circumstances require that you respond to negative news.

WordCrafters has a proven track record in getting events publicized and good news in print.

See what we can do:

WPress Releases

Any time your organization offers a new product or service, expands, participates in a community event, changes leadership, or does something otherwise noteworthy, there is an opportunity to draw public attention to it. A well-written press release gets published when others will not, no matter how significant the news.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this more important than in public relations. If a good photo accompanies your press release, you have an even better chance of seeing it in print or on the news.

WMedia Kits

Plan ahead. When inviting the media to an event your organization is sponsoring or participating in, or when holding a press conference to make an announcement about your organization, having a media kit prepared in advance makes the media's job that much easier. By providing your organization's background information, you save the journalists the time and effort it would take them to research it themselves. The result? They will be much more inclined to give your organization positive press.

And in times when your organization may need to respond to negative news, a favorable opinion may make the difference between being given the benefit of the doubt or being thrown to the wolves.

WRadio Commercial Scripts

It's not only what you say but how you say it. WordCrafters has the experience to write effective commercial scripts that get the attention you want.

WSpeech Writing

Whether it's an introduction for a guest speaker, the keynote address at a training seminar, or a presentation for your stockholders meeting, WordCrafters can prepare a dynamic, carefully crafted speech that communicates your message effectively and convincingly.


What can WordCrafters do for you, your company, or your organization to get your message across effectively, professionally, and at a reasonable cost?


Contact us for all your business communications needs or for samples of our work.

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